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Industrialize your sales: harness the power of digital

Are you one of the companies whose management of quotes and orders is done on paper documents? Checking many loose documents is part of your daily life?

Then this article will interest you…

In this first part we will discuss the difficulties faced by companies that work mainly on paper.

Information is the lifeblood of a business. On paper, it is very difficult to use:

  1. First of all, loose documents are a source of errors and confusion. Indeed, paper information quickly becomes obsolete. It is difficult to update them.
  2. You are never certain that you have sent the latest version of the document to the people concerned. The traceability of information on paper is very complicated.
  3. Even worse, have you ever misplaced important documents?
  4. Finding specific information, even in sorted documents in a filing cabinet, is very tedious.
  5. Not to mention the fact that archiving all this takes up a lot of space.
  6. If it is fundamental / strategic to provide the right information at the right time to all members of your teams, it is equally important to protect access to it. How to secure loose papers and faxes lying around on desks? Disclosure of critical data to the wrong person can cause significant damage to a business. We must ensure their protection. Whether in relation to their access or against physical destruction (fire, etc.).
  1. The lack of a computer tool brings other difficulties on a daily basis: the preparation of quotes is particularly difficult on paper. The complexity of calculating the costing with all the product variations available in your offer becomes infernal when the number of estimates to be built is large.
  2. The price depends on the model, the equipment, the accessories… These numerous calculations and fields to be filled in lead to frequent careless errors that are difficult to detect.
  3. Building an estimate is a very time-consuming operation. It is easy to deal with an isolated estimate… But dealing with fifty of them is more tedious… Especially if you are few of you who can deal with them. If the construction of quotes requires technical expertise then it is almost impossible to delegate this task which causes a bottleneck in the commercial flow.

All of these remind us of how difficult it is to manage a company’s information on paper.

Revolutionize your business

In this second part, we will show you how the transition to digital will revolutionize your business on a daily basis.

  1. Digital information is shared and distributed instantly throughout the company. The latter is updated in an instant, in one click. You ensure that your employees have access to the most recent relevant information.
  2. Data is no longer scattered, no longer misplaced. They are organized in one secure location.
  3. Digital documents are easy to use. No need to go through many filing cabinets to find information. Search engines provide access to documents in seconds.
  4. The tons of paper intended for archiving are forgotten. Archived digital documents do not take up space. Take a simple USB key. It can contain the Universalis encyclopedia a thousand times…
  5. This digital data is protected and secured by the computer system. The latter ensures access control: the right information to the right person.
  6. With regard to protection against inadvertent destruction, replication and the use of backup digital is very effective. An inexpensive solution, set up in a few tens of minutes.

Finally, let’s talk about one of the biggest advantages of digital: the possibility of computerizing business tools. Take for example the case of the preparation of quotes: software assistants help your employees to build compliant quotes in record time:

  1. Wizards automatically calculate the price of a custom product based on its description and business pricing rules.
  2. Other rules control the consistency of the information, prevent the entry of erroneous information, or even report defects and anomalies during the construction of the estimate.

All this considerably reduces the time it takes to create a quote but also makes it easier to delegate this task. Quotations are drawn up by employees at the points of sale. All that remains is to check them to validate them…

This is only part of the advantages of digital. At Coati Factory, we work daily to develop these tools and install them with our customers. If you want to know more and talk to our experts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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