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Backups: are your systems secure?

Your website is the showcase of the company. Indispensable tool for customers who like to visualize the products they buy. But this is not the only system that must be preserved.

Administrative information, management data (CRM + ERP), emails, non-digitized documents, etc.It is crucial to preserve this wealth and guarantee its proper functioning.

The cloud is not enough to ensure the security of all this valuable information.

Just like the backup, the latter can be corrupt, incomplete, located in the place where there is an incident. Do you know the frequency of your backups? Are they produced and tested weekly, monthly, annually?

Do you know if the latter are physically isolated from the operational system (risk of fire), and logically disconnected from the operational system (risk of cyber-attack)?

In order to avoid inconveniences, it is essential to regularly check the robustness of the security systems.

A few things to check:

  • Do you have a cold backup? It is an offline backup, stored in a remote warehouse. The latter is performed less frequently, but is more secure.
  • Disposez-vous d’un système de rotations des backups ? Ce protocole augmente la robustesse de la procédure de sauvegarde : un crash du système durant la sauvegarde ne corrompt pas la sauvegarde.
  • L’accès à vos backups est-il sécurisé ? Le cryptage des informations sauvegardées est une mesure nécessaire pour éviter un accès malveillant à vos informations.

All of this is true for your website data, your management information… but not only that!

  • Are your IT procedures documented? If your IT manager leaves you, you must be able to regain control of your information system.
  • Do you perform crash test procedures? These procedures, carried out by third parties, demonstrate the viability of the disaster recovery plan. Carried out every 6 months, they rebuild and test a production environment starting only with the saved data.

Contact us to carry out an audit. Our experts will go over all these points with you to check your systems and procedures in order to integrate our solution harmoniously into your information system.

Once your business is secure, all you have to do is take advantage of your digital showcase, your management tools and develop your sales.

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