Control the sales cycle of your products

From the 3D configurator in the store to the production order in the factory

Boost your sales with our product configurator

Accessible to end-customers via the website, or to dealers in dealerships, a 3D configurator indicates the price according to product characteristics (accessories, options…), while providing a photorealistic 3D representation of the customized product. Play with the configurator live… See some examples below or in the industries tab!

Coati Factory is dedicated to companies manufacturing complex products

In order to meet your needs perfectly, our solution has been developed in collaboration with companies offering a wide range of products.

Your products can be customized. Customers choose the equipment, paintwork, accessories, whatever they want.

We make it easier to create quotations and improve the customer experience.

Make your dealers’ work easier

Stand out from the competition

Visual configurator

Help the customer visualize himself. The visual configurator will make it easier for the prospect to create a link with the product. They’ll be more inclined to buy the product they’ve configured.

Up-to-date digital catalog

Promote your catalog quickly and instantly. In just a few clicks, your design office can push out new products.

Stock access

Eliminate the disappointment of a prospect who has to wait months for a product due to lack of stock! Highlight available products, shorten sales lead times, optimize sales!

Instant price calculation

From the dealer’s point of view: easier work. No more working with obsolete spreadsheets, no more time-consuming manual processes.

On the customer’s side: a direct estimate that reduces the decision-making cycle.

Instant compliant proposal

Eliminate quotation errors, reduce cycles. Your resellers no longer have to wait for your design office to check that the configuration made by the end customer is compliant, feasible and reliable.

Sales increase

Reduce the delay, the disappointments but also the possibility for the end customer to reconsider his choice.

Make work easier for your dealer.

Improve the relationship with the end customer.

Specialized by business sector

Although manufacturers of complex, configurable and / or customizable products, not all companies have the same problems and needs.

The right solution for your business

Depending on the number of resellers, the complexity of your offer, the things already in place. Everything is analyzed to perfectly meet your needs.

Services within easy reach

Because not all companies have a studio, a developed IT department… Coati Factory offers its customers the provision of teams of experts to digitize their business.

A listening team

Business specificities, questions that come to mind… Our team is there to listen to you, cycle and support you in your project. Coati Factory does not offer off-the-shelf software.

Would you like a demonstration, have an exchange to find out what we can put in place with you?