Master the sales cycle of your products

From the 3D configurator in the store to the production order in the factory

Assist the client in making a decision

Available to the end customer on the website or to dealers in dealerships, a 3D configurator gives the price according to the car specifications (paint, upholstery, equipment, and accessories…) while providing a photorealistic 3D representation of the customized product.

The Robotaxi Configurator

In close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers, the Coati Factory teams have developed a solution that eases the direct and indirect sale of your customizable products.

To perfectly meet your needs, our solution is developed in collaboration with actors of the vehicle industry.

Your vehicles are customizable. The customers choose the paint, the upholstery, the equipment, and the accessories…

This implies difficulties when creating quotes. It is necessary to calculate the price according to each part, accessories, etc. This leads to errors while writing the quotes.

Robotaxi interior

Support your customers, and help your resellers.

The use of digital tools is becoming a must to face the competition. The user experience, whether in-store or online, is an element that differentiates you.

Show the diversity of your car

Paint, upholstery, equipment, accessories… Don’t limit what you want to display in your dealership.

Ease the sales of your resellers

The possibility for the retailer to present the customized vehicle in photorealistic rendering is a trigger for the purchase act.

Reduce your costs

Reduce the space needed in dealerships or at shows. Minimize production costs for display models.

Optimize quote creation

A recap product sheet with the visual of the technical elements, the public price of the customized product improves the experience for the customer. Automate your quotes and pricing.

A kiosk 3D configurator

Ease business management


Don’t waste time on tasks that are not essential to your business. Automate the creation of quotes, the edition of catalogs, the production of visuals of your customized products…

Boost your activity

Reduce costs, avoid errors when creating quotes, and decrease delays.
In short, increasing the number of created quotes enhances your productivity.

Easily process your business proposal

From quotation to order, follow all the steps of your sales process without difficulty.

Centralization of user accounts

Collect all information, and improve communication between all actors.

Time saving and reliability

All rules and constraints are known and entered into a single expert system. Non-compliant orders are now avoided.

Customer/reseller satisfaction through digital efficiency

Limit delivery delays. Customer satisfaction within shorter timeframes while guaranteeing the serenity of your employees.

Product updates, support, training and hosting

The solution is tailored to your image, it fits your needs and evolves along with your business.
All the required resources to help you in the setup of the solution.