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Go digital: hire or find a partner?

You want to set up a real industrial solution for your company. Nothing could be more normal, we all want to make life easier in management, to help our employees while optimizing sales.

The digital then seems obvious! But where to start ?

To build this system which intervenes in different entities of your company, many skills and human resources will be involved.

Here is a small overview of the resources needed to implement this solution:

  • An IT developer to create, customize, and update the ERP tool. A real center of your management, it will allow you to follow the status of your orders, and manage user accounts… It will take over what you do manually to create an automatic system.
  • A web developer, for the catalog and 3D configurator part. It will have to ensure a connection between your ERP and the 3D configurator, which will allow, among other things, to directly calculate and display the prices of personalized products.
  • An information systems administrator, for the hosting of the systems. You have to make sure that your servers do not fail you! Be careful with data backups and check their integrity (See the article Are your backups secure?).
  • A 2D graphic designer. Having a 3D configurator on the website is great! But it will take care of the design and the website. Even more importantly, a lot of tuning and tweaking work will be needed to heal and tune the user experience.
  • A 3D graphic designer, to feed the 3D configurator. It sounds logical, but getting beautiful 3D images, beautiful models, is work. It is necessary to digitize the materials, create the 3D CAD of the products, and instrument the rules of configuration and personalization.
  • A project manager builds the functional specifications, manages the teams, writes the test procedures, and ensures the proper functioning of the system over time.

For an SME or an ETI, these resources with strong expertise are difficult to find and recruit. Beyond the time it may take, the cost of all these internal resources is significant. It is the role of a trusted partner like Coati Factory, to pool and bring together all these skills to guarantee you long-term availability and expertise of very high quality, in a more economical way. In other words… the success of your project!

We would be delighted to help you analyze and understand your needs, to implement a digital solution that will boost your sales and optimize your processes.

You can contact us via this form.

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