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Visualization of products at the service of your sales

Resellers are key to connecting you to the market. Without these points of sale, you could not promote your offer and make customers buy.
These points of sale are often equipped with samples or a showroom to present your products.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is difficult for customers to project themselves. Also, concessions / shops require a lot of maintenance, resources…

In addition, the diversity of the offer cannot be exhibited in a showroom. This would require a huge sales space, you would have to think of all the possible combinations.

Resellers also use catalogs as sales support. If these are on paper, they are therefore not updated frequently.
These catalogs, whether on paper or on your website, are often made up of photos of the products. These do not highlight materials and products.

Finally, these various sales media discussed do not allow the personalized product to be viewed.
However, it has been demonstrated on several occasions that the possibility of viewing your product is a trigger for the act of purchase. And this regardless of the product.

An article that does not come from us, but which perfectly demonstrates how personalization has become an essential part of sales:Product marketing: 10 benefits of switching to personalization.

Digitizing your business and using 3D can solve all these problems.

The possibility of presenting your offer on a digital medium facilitates visualization. It avoids the need to use concessions. Space saving while presenting the entire product range

In addition, the catalog can be updated in real time and adapted according to the retailer.

Modeling products in 3D makes it possible to present them from all these angles. The customer can see the product entirely.

Personalization becomes possible. The customer can choose such color on such equipment or accessory without any difficulty. You can also add options, accessories… Everything becomes possible. This helps the customer to project himself and to make the purchase.

Digitization has many advantages. Coupled with 3D modeling, your points of sale have powerful tools. The presentation of products becomes optimal and increases sales.

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